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Hoa Binh Representative Office in Hanoi

Brief introduction:

Hoa Binh Reprentative Office in Hanoi
Address: 15B Nguyen Thuong Hien Street, Nguyen Du Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi
Tel: (84.4) 3795 8690 - 3795 8692 ; Fax: (84.4) 3795 8693


Business area:

In 2008, Hoa Binh officially established its representative office in Hanoi, a rich potential market aiming at expanding its activities and strengthening its performance position. But earlier, in 2006, Hoa Binh had marked its initial presence in Hanoi by its works of interior decoration for the National Convention Center. The project was a typical one of Vietnam to be exposed to the world, in order to serve the APEC 2006 Summit Meeting. With regard to this project, Hoa Binh has received six times of congratulation and prizing by the project management unit (Ministry of Construction, based on the related objective achievement with high quality and work program’s on-time.

This advantageous departure has boosted both technical and spiritual strengths for Hoa Binh to firmly determine to penetrate Hanoi’s construction market. From the solid base and heritage of the Representative Office’s strengths, Hoa Binh Hanoi Co., Ltd. was established 2 years later. Up to now, the contributions by Representative Office and HHN have greatly helped Hoa Binh acquire a workforce of high professional level, heartily participated in many construction projects in Hanoi.

Principal activities: construction, real estate activities, building materials promotion development